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Number of Displaced People Declining in Bangui

IOM - The number of displaced people in the Central African Republic (CAR) capital Bangui is declining and sites are closing as more and more people are returning home, according to the recent IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) survey. The families remaining in camps are the poorest and most vulnerable. As their living conditions remain difficult, they need the targeted support of the humanitarian community to be able to return home or relocate.

CAR Crisis Triggers Massive Displacement, Long Term Socio-Economic Impact

IOM - The crisis that erupted in the Central African Republic (CAR) in December 2012 triggering widespread sectarian violence, massive internal displacement and an outflow of CAR nationals and migrants into neighbouring countries, will have profound long term social-economic implications for the country, according to a new IOM working paper: “Migration Dimensions of the Crisis in the Central African Republic”.