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Theatre Campaign in Bangui reaches hundreds

IOM’s EU-funded Community Stabilization Project supported a week-long theatre campaign in Bangui, organized in coordination with the Alliance Française Bangui. The campaign brought Malian theatre troupe Blonda to Bangui to perform Ala tè sunongo (God Does Not Sleep), an original play written by Jean-Louis Sagot-Duvaroux.

The play conveyed the importance of willpower and self-determination to face difficult situations and persevere, important messages given the context of community stabilization in Bangui. The four productions drew large crowds, including hundreds of youth from Bangui’s 3rd District, heavily affected by inter-communal violence.

The campaign also included forum theatre, an interactive platform that encourages participation from the audience. A large crowd of nearly 100 people quickly gathered and audience members were selected to participate. The extemporaneous play focused on a displaced man who returns to find his home has been looted by his neighbor. An audience member played the role of a local leader who helps resolve the conflict peacefully between the man and his neighbor. After the play, audience members were invited to discuss the meaning of the play. Using theatre, the campaign successfully reached hundreds of Central Africans to initiate dialogue on social cohesion.