Return Intention Survey in Bangui

There are currently 105,300 internally displaced persons (IDPs) at 43 displacement sites in Bangui (Commission on Population Movement; July 8). The IDP population has been decreasing since late December when there were over 390,000 IDPs in Bangui. IDP return rates have slowed in the last few months as the IDPs remaining at the sites are the most vulnerable, whose belongings were stolen or do not have the financial means to return.

Every month, in Central African Republic (CAR) IOM collects data on the intentions of people displaced by the conflict to return to their place of origin in the Return Intention Survey.  This data is gathered using the displacement tracking matrix (DTM), a tool developed by IOM to survey the needs and living conditions of displaced persons worldwide.

IOM’s 6th IDP Return Intention Survey in Bangui, CAR, was based on interviews with 601 displaced persons carried out at 31 displacement sites from 17-19 June. IDPs’ most frequently cited reasons for not returning home are: belongings stolen (74%), lack of authorities (68%) lack of financial means to return (66%), and not feeling safe in their area of origin (66%).

IDPs’ primary needs to facilitate their return are security (33%), housing (31%) and non-food items (13%).

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Evacuation of stranded migrants

Since the crisis began, IOM has been evacuating migrants caught up in the crisis in CAR.

Source:  Statistical Report on the evacuation of migrants from CAR (May 2014)
Click here for more information on migrant evacuations from CAR

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